Pat Buchanan: Pulling out of Iran deal will lead to war with Iran

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Pat Buchanan believes President Trump made a mistake by withdrawing from Iran deal.

“I think it’s a terrible mistake.” He said. “I don’t know where we are headed, Jeff, other than down the road where the president makes demands on Iran to which is says no. And I think at the end of that road it’s a real possibility of a war which Donald Trump said he would not get America into.”  

Buchanan explains what he thinks will happen to lead to a war. 

He said, “I think Israel wants a war with Iran in Syria to drive the Iranians out of Syria. The Saudi’s would like to see the United State fight Iran. And I think what we are going to get is Israeli action against Iranian elements in Syria, we saw that just yesterday.” He added, “And what I think happens when the shooting starts back and forth, that the Iranians respond after being provoked. We are going to have an increase in violence in Syria between Iranians and Israelis and I think the United States almost inevitably be sucked into that.”

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