Sheriff Hodgson: Maura Healey has created a “witch hunt” against me

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AG Maura Healey is calling for an investigation into the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office over suicides. The Sheriff is demanding an apology.

Sheriff Hodgson told Kuhner, “Everybody knows, in corrections, across this country there are times were suicides will fluctuate in prisons and in jails.”

Sheriff Hodgson called the investigation a “witch hunt” and questioned if AG Healey is in the middle of a conflict of interest.

He said, “She actually is handling some of the cases, a couple of these suicide cases, where people have sued. She’s in the middle of asking for information and representing us on these cases, at the same time, she’s calling on the Sec. of Public Safety at the Department of Corrections to do an investigation on us.”

Hodgson questioned, “Can she even continue to represent us on these cases they currently have, and certainly going forward?" He added, How would we ever trust her to represent the interest of the tax payers and our department and our staff fairly when she’s initiating investigations based on what she read in the Boston Globe and heard on WGBH?”

Do you believe AG Healey's calls for an investigation is politically motivated? 

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