Should business owners sue Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins?

The Retailers Association of Massachusetts speaks out against Rachael Rollins' memo to not prosecute shoplifting.

Retailers Association General Counsel Ryan Kearney slammed Rollin’s. Kearney told the Boston Herald, “If a “low-level career criminal was using the DA’s policy as an excuse to have open season on our retail stores, you can only imagine the impact on someone who’s a professional career criminal. Repeat offenders look at this as a high-reward, low-risk crime because our property crimes (laws) are as weak as they are.”

He added: "Massachusetts businesses lose an estimated $1 billion annually in stolen merchandise." That's roughly $62.5 million short in sales tax revenue.

It's about time business owners fought back! Kuhner says business owners in Suffolk County business owners should sue DA Rollins.

The Kuhner Report

The Kuhner Report

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