Phil Robertson supports Alabama law and blasts Buttigieg as being immoral

This morning on the Kuhner Report, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson discusses his latest book, “The Theft of America’s Soul.” When asked by host Jeff Kuhner if Alabama’s abortion law, which bans abortion and provides no exceptions except to protect the life of the mother, goes too far, the former A&E star said no.

“It doesn’t go too far.” He added: “I don’t have any problem with the Alabama ruling that we shouldn’t murder our children that’s the bottom line.”

Robertson also weighed in on Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Buttigieg, who is openly gay and has been married to his husband, Chasten, since 2018 is rising in opinion polls. Robertson, however, criticized Buttigieg, blasting homosexuality and same-sex marriage as immoral.

“God said it’s His word and He says get out of those kinds of perverted relationships, find you a woman and stay pure until you’re married, and you can have at it and have all the sex you want.” He added: “But that’s the only legal sex there is in the bible, just look at what the evil one has sold America just on that part, just on those two parts, sexual immorality and murder.”

The Kuhner Report

The Kuhner Report

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