Yiannopoulos: Straight males are the most discriminated group in America

Conservative activist and author Milo Yiannopoulos called out the left for trashing the Boston ‘straight pride’ parade. Yiannopoulos will be the grand marshal of the parade.

He joined The Kuhner Report Monday morning and said, “straight white males aren’t a cancer on society.”

Yiannopoulos who has been banned from Facebook for being “dangerous” said, “Everything ending in pride is stupid.” He added, “Identity politics is very, very silly.”

Yiannopoulos explained why it’s important to have the ‘straight pride’ parade.

He said, “This parade is to have a light-hearted, fun reminder that we don’t need to underscore our differences, we can just come together and have fun, reminding one and other about the same about us all. Which ought to be that we believe in principles, in freedom and democracy, and hopefully in Christianity, in property rights, capitalism, the rule of law.”

He added, “Rather than constantly focusing on what color our skin color is, who we want to have sex with and whether or not we were born in the right body as a man or a woman. All of that stuff is nonsense compared to the big ideas that should bind us together as a society.”

The parade is tentatively scheduled for Aug. 31, but organizers still need to obtain the necessary permit to hold the event.

The Kuhner Report

The Kuhner Report

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