Jeff Kuhner and The Jarheads Motorcycle Club Rally for The Fallen Seven

It's an 80-plus degree Saturday morning at 9:30 am. On Boston Common, dogs are being walked, cards are being played on benches, ducks are being fed, and hundreds of motorcycles line Beacon Street. They are straddled and flanked by the great patriots who turned up to the State House, to join Jeff Kuhner and the Jarheads Motorcycle Club Saturday Morning to rally for The Fallen Seven Jarheads riders who were killed in New Hampshire because the RMV didn't do its job. Kuhner Country was well represented, as were the Jarheads and other Motorcycle Groups, such as the Nam Knights. There was even a Trump loving Uncle Sam on stilts. The crowd was raucous yet respectful, as they honored the five Marines, and a wife and girlfriend who were killed in New Hampshire. Former State Rep. and frequent WRKO guest Geoff Diehl was at the rally, as was Turtleboy; who broke not only the story of the drivers' DUI and drug problems, but of the RMV's negligence in vetting of said driver, which directly lead to the death of the seven innocent people. The message was clear: It's time for an independent audit of the Mass RMV, and it's time for Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack to be held accountable. And it’s time for Charlie Baker to stop going to London to learn about windmills and watch the Red Sox; it’s time for him to clean up his state, and clean house at the RMV. After Jarheads President Manny Ribeiro recited the names of The Fallen Seven, a moment of silence was held, before Jeff Kuhner, Ribeiro, Geoff Diehl, and Turtleboy all spoke to the crowd.

Here are pictures from the rally:

The Kuhner Report

The Kuhner Report

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