DA Rollins asks Massachusetts' high court to intervene in parade arrests

Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins filed an emergency petition to the Supreme Judicial Court to order Boston judge to accept her suggestion to drop charges against Antifa members who were arrested at the “Straight Pride Parade.”

Three dozen protesters were arrested in the counter-protest to the Straight Pride parade on Saturday.

“The actions of Judge Richard Sinnott are unprecedented and outrageous. His insistence on arraigning individuals when my office has used its discretion to decline a case is an unconstitutional abuse of his power and serves neither the interests of justice nor public safety,” Suffolk County District Attorney Rollins said. “The power to pursue prosecution falls exclusively on the executive branch, not the judiciary."

“My petition is a call for order to be returned to our courts, to ensure the fair administration of justice and to restore the public’s trust in the integrity of our legal system," she said. “The people of Suffolk County elected me to do exactly what I am doing.”

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