President Trump defends Syria decision

President Donald Trump defended his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria.

“We want to bring our troops back home,” Trump said. “It’s been many, many years, it’s been decades, in many cases. We want to bring our troops back home, and I got elected on that. If you go back and look at our speeches, I would say I want to bring our troops back home from these endless wars. We are a police force over there… We’re not fighting. We’re policing. We are not a police force. We’re the greatest military force ever assembled because of what I’ve done over the last three years.”

“I consulted with everybody. I always consult with everybody,” Trump said. “If you remember about eight months ago, I talked about this. And we kept 2000 people there and then slowly brought them out. Once we captured ISIS, I didn’t want to stay there for the next 40 years… I have great respect for all of the people that you named. They have an opinion. A lot of people do. I could also name many more than you just named of people who are totally supportive.”

There has been Republican backlash over Trump’s decision and serious concern about the consequences of the withdrawal.

Did President Trump make the right decision?

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