Nick Fuentes tells Kuhner he is not a Holocaust denier

Nick Fuentes pushed back on accusations he’s a Holocaust denier and an anti-Semite.

“I’ve never denied the Holocaust and I’ve always maintained this,” said the America First host on The Kuhner Report.

Fuentes has recently come under fire after Michelle Malkin, conservative author, refused to disavow him. As a result, Malkin has been attacked by many establishment conservatives for what they say was her failure to speak out against alleged racist comments attributed to Fuentes.

When host Jeff Kuhner pressed Fuentes on whether he’s an anti-Semite or a White Nationalist, Fuentes shrugged off the allegations, saying they were part of a mainstream media smear campaign.

“I would say that the biggest misconception is that we are any different from Donald Trump or any of these other sorts of iconoclastic or controversial figures on the right of the last few years. I think it’s because we represent a very grassroots movement opposed to every establishment interest on immigration.”

He added: “We get smeared not just by the left but also by the right as hateful or prejudice or bigots or something like that.”

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