Ed Markey defeats Rep. Joe Kennedy III in Massachusetts Senate race

The Kennedy dynasty has fallen in Massachusetts.

Sen. Ed Markey has defeated Rep. Joe Kennedy III in the Democratic Senate primary in Massachusetts.

Rep. Kennedy conceded to Markey after a heated Democratic Senate primary.

"A few moments ago I called Sen. Markey to congratulate him and to pledge my support to him and his campaign in the months ahead.," Kennedy told supporters in Watertown. "The senator is a good man. You have never heard me say otherwise."

Kennedy added: "It was difficult at times between us. Good elections often get heated."

This marks the first time a member of the Kennedy family has lost a statewide election in Massachusetts.

Markey gave his victory speech from his hometown of Malden. He thanked Kennedy for a well fought campaign and thanked the “young people” who pushed him into victory.

Markey said: "We took unapologetically progressive stances" on all the issues. And he stressed that "the progressive movement knows how to fight. We will not surrender."

Markey will face attorney Kevin O'Connor in the November general election.

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