The petition against Inequitable punishments given out by UMass Amherst

There has been a petition created on for the inequitable punishments that were given out by UMass Amherst against 3 young students who were seen in a picture not wearing masks off-campus...According to the petition on

In early March, a picture of three UMass students from Instagram was sent in by another UMass student to the student conduct office. The picture shows the girls off campus within their social bubble with their masks off, 6 feet away from everyone else surrounding them. As a result, the school deemed this behavior both “reckless” and “disruptive” and chose to suspend them.

A suspension entails the following:

- Immediate removal from housing with no refund

- Loss of meal plan with no refund

- Loss of credits with no tuition refund

- Inability to sign up for fall on-campus housing

- Inability to enroll in any fall semester classes

- Need to complete a re-enrollment application to get back into UMass

You can sign the petition to support these young students by linking on one of our links on social media such as the link to the tweet provided above or by signing the petition directly, HERE.

-The Kuhner Report

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