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Biden’s Road to National Socialism: Vaccine mandates are imposing fascism

Joe Biden is slowly imposing a progressive dictatorship. He is assuming tyrannical powers that threatens to subvert our democracy and abrogate fundamental constitutional liberties. This is the real meaning of his federal vaccine mandate and drive for a national system of vaccine passports.

Biden has gone full authoritarian with his illegal, unconstitutional and tyrannical vaccine mandate—especially, on employers with over 100 employees, as well as on all health care workers and most federal government employees. Over 80 million Americans—myself included—now face this harrowing choice: the jab or my job. We are no longer living in a free society. Biden's regime has become a dictatorship. He has crossed the Rubicon.

Already mass firings have begun. In New York, countless nurses and heath care workers have been terminated for not complying with the state’s draconian vaccine mandate. In North Carolina, over 175 nurses and health care professionals were fired. In Delaware, Christian Care has let go over 150 employees. United Airlines announced it will be firing more than 600 employees for not taking the jab. And in Massachusetts, dozens of state troopers have quit rather than comply with Gov. Charlie Baker’s state vaccine mandate. In short, the mandate is destroying the lives and careers of countless, healthy and able-bodied Americans.

The policy is not only immoral, but economically destructive. It also gives the lie to the media’s narrative of a pandemic that is so severe hospitals are overflowing with Covid-infected patients. If that is the case, then how can hospitals afford to let so many needed nurses go? The vaccine mandate is gutting our health care system, law enforcement, education system and military of vital personnel. It will inevitably create a massive labor and staffing shortage in basic social services. Within months, America will be facing a health care, economic and education crisis.

The Biden regime’s answer: Have blue state governors call up the National Guard to temporarily replace and do the jobs of all of these terminated workers. In other words, Biden’s goal is to federalize and militarize much of our economy and society. It is the birth of National Socialism—the fusion of big government and big business to impose tyrannical rule.  

Biden’s mandate is the road to fascism, a form of medical apartheid and segregation, which if not stopped, will destroy our constitutional republic, equality under the law and basic civil rights and individual liberties.

The government has no right to coerce, pressure or intimidate anyone to take an experimental anti-Covid-19 jab against his or her will. This is a fundamental violation of human rights. The same leftists, who shout “my body, my choice” when it comes to abortion, now want to force everyone to inject a foreign, potentially dangerous substance into their arms. In fact, Biden recently announced that 98 percent of Americans—including children as young as two-years-old and above—will need to be vaccinated for “life to return to normal.” But there’s a catch: normalcy will mean taking regular booster shots twice a year for the rest of our lives. In other words, Americans will be living under a permanent state of pandemic crisis and a system of vaccine passports. Your freedoms will only be as good as your last jab.

In large blue states, such as New York and California, the future of liberal fascism has arrived. They are implementing vaccine passports—and it is ugly and odious. If you don’t show proof of vaccination, then you are barred from going into a restaurant, bar, gym, theater or concert.

The ultimate objective of the radical left is to impose medical martial law. It is to deny any unvaccinated person the ability to work, earn a living, feed their family or have any normal interaction with mainstream society. The unvaccinated are to be treated as social pariahs—modern-day lepers. They are to be forced to shelter in their homes and reduced to third-class citizens.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. It was the Democratic Party and liberal progressives that created racial segregation in the Old South. Democrats passed every Jim Crow law. We have come full circle, except now the vile, evil regime of discrimination and persecution is based not on skin color but vaccination status. Yet, regardless of the reasons, persecution is still persecution. Just as blacks were once denied the ability to work or go to school or be served at a restaurant, the same sick form of apartheid is rearing its ugly head again. This time, however, it is aimed at those who refuse to submit to the jab.

During the Trump presidency, Democrats and leftists consistently—hysterically—decried the supposed rise of “fascism,” “neo-Nazism” and “racism.” Trump, they alleged, was the “new Hitler,” a fascist strongman who had to be stopped at all costs. We now know this was a classic case of projection: Smear your political opponents with what you are guilty of. In America, fascism has finally been born. Yet, its midwife was not Trump. It is Biden and the Democrats. 

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6:00-10:00 am EST. He can be reached at:

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