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Who’s Crazier: Hutchinson or Smollett?

Former White House aide is a deranged liar

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner


The January 6 Committee has imploded. Its credibility is in tatters. It must be disbanded and swept into the dustbin of history before it does any more damage to our country.


The sham committee rolled out its “star witness” on Tuesday—former White House aide, Cassidy Hutchinson. Rep. Liz Cheney and other committee members vowed that her explosive testimony would be the “smoking gun” that finally brings down former President Trump, resulting in a criminal referral and possible prosecution by the Department of Justice for seditious conspiracy.


Hutchinson testified to the committee, under oath, that after his speech at the Ellipse on Jan. 6, 2021, Trump ordered his secret service agents and the driver of the presidential limousine to take him to the Capitol in order to spearhead the alleged “insurrection” that he had incited. How does Hutchinson—a junior 25-year-old staffer, who worked for then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows—know this?


Because she claims on that fateful day she spoke to Tony Ornato, assistant director of the Secret Service, who was in an office along with Trump’s lead secret service agent, Bobby Engel. According to Hutchinson, Ornato told her—with Engel nodding in agreement—that Trump became enraged after the Secret Service agents told him he couldn’t go because the situation was not safe. She claims that Ornato said Trump then yelled “I’m the f*cking president,” and then lunged at the steering wheel seeking to commandeer the presidential limo. Hutchinson says Engel forced Trump’s arm off the steering wheel in which the president responded by angrily reaching for and grabbing Engel’s throat. In other words, Hutchinson is claiming Trump attempted to hijack “The Beast” (as the presidential limo is known) and physically assaulted a Secret Service agent.


The picture that Hutchinson deliberately painted is of an unhinged maniac, who must never be allowed to return to power again. The anti-Trump press ran wild with the story. Leading corporate media outlets—The New York TimesThe Washington PostCNNThe Wall Street JournalMSNBCFOX News—breathlessly and mindlessly parroted Hutchinson’s ludicrous claims. Obsessed by their desire to destroy Trump and prevent him from running in 2024, the corrupt corporate media hailed Hutchinson as a hero and courageous whistleblower.


There is, however, one simple problem: She lied. Within hours of her sensational testimony, the Secret Service debunked her claims. Both Engel and the limousine driver say Trump never attempted to grab the steering wheel nor did he assault them—and they are ready and willing to testify under oath directly refuting Hutchinson’s story. In short, she made the whole thing up.


Hutchinson lied under oath; she committed perjury. Moreover, the Secret Service now reveals that Cheney and the January 6 committee never reached out to them days prior to Hutchinson’s testimony in order to corroborate the sensational allegations. The reason is obvious: The panel knew Hutchinson is lying. This is why they never asked Ornato, Engel or the limo driver—the actual witnesses to the alleged event—to testify to the veracity of Hutchinson’s outlandish, fabricated story. They aren’t interested in the truth. Their goal is to smear and slander Trump with lies.


The January 6 committee is a show trial masquerading as a congressional investigatory body. No real Republicans on the panel; no cross examinations; no defense permitted for Trump; and no one allowed to present evidence for the other side. They are peddling a massive hoax—this time, instead of Russia collusion, it is of an “armed insurrection.”


Cassidy Hutchinson is another Jussie Smollett—a grifter, liar and con artist obsessed with getting their 15-minutes of fame. Like Smollett, she has now been caught pushing ridiculous lies. And like Smollett, so many in the political and media class desperately wanted to believe her outrageous, fantastical story. It’s time to put an end to this circus clown show that is the January 6 committee.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough. 


-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6-10 am EST. He can be reached at:

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