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A Red Wave in Massachusetts?

If a ballot initiative succeeds, Democrats are vulnerable

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner


It may be one of the biggest political stories of the year. The predicted red wave election this November may even touch deep-blue Massachusetts. Is this a joke? No.


The reason is a petition drive that is gathering steam among conservative activists to put before voters in the form of a referendum whether illegal immigrants are entitled to receive state-issued driver’s licenses. The Democrat-controlled Massachusetts legislature recently rammed such radical legislation through, overriding Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s veto.


The Democrats, however, have a serious problem. State-issued driver’s licenses for illegals is deeply unpopular even among Massachusetts voters. The Boston Globe had to concede that, if the issue gets on the ballot in November, liberals will lose—and most likely, lose big. Polls consistently show that about 60 percent of voters in the Bay State oppose the legislation granting licenses to illegal aliens.


The petition drive to collect the necessary 60,000 signatures to put the issue on the ballot has generated massive support and public enthusiasm. Signature drives are popping up all over the state—in front of grocery stores, at shopping mall parking lots, inside businesses, as well as countless activists going door to door.


The Democrats are in a full-blown panic. This is why they have resorted to blatant voter intimidation and bullying. Mobs of leftists have been harassing volunteers, deliberately preventing signatures from being collected and even destroying signature sheets. All of this is illegal and a gross violation of civil rights.


“The leftists harassing our volunteers are deploying what’s known as a ‘heckler’s veto,’ which happens when one side throws a big enough tantrum and creates enough of a nuisance to prompt police or store managers to have to shut down the collection drive altogether,” said Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons. “That’s what’s been happening in front of supermarkets across Massachusetts on a daily basis.”


One of these Democrat thugs targeting collection drives has been Wes McEnany, a Black Lives Matter supporter and rabid anti-cop hater. Lyons said McEnany and other left-wing activists menaced and threatened volunteers collecting signatures at a Tewksbury Market Basket. The situation got so out of hand police had to be called. Similar incidents have been reported at shopping centers in Hudson, Chelmsford, and Waltham. Another political thug has been Democrat state Sen. Jamie Eldridge, who was seen harassing and preventing volunteers from gathering signatures. When state senators are openly breaking the law to disrupt a petition drive, it’s obvious the Democrats are worried.


And they should be. Contrary to liberal spin, giving licenses to illegals does not improve public safety. In fact, most illegal aliens come from Third World countries, where driving laws are much different and standards considerably lower. Many are simply dangerous drivers, who have no business being on our roads.


Moreover, getting a driver’s license is a privilege; it is not a right. Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be here. Period. Granting them licenses rewards them for their criminal behavior. They entered our country illegally, violating our national sovereignty and immigration laws. They should be punished for their law-breaking. Instead, Democrats are openly condoning and supporting their illegal actions. This only encourages more criminality and illegal immigration.


Yet most importantly, granting licenses to illegal aliens entrenches widespread voter fraud. It is precisely this reason why Democrats passed the legislation. It is election insurance to continue guaranteeing that Massachusetts remains essentially under one-party rule. When an individual gets a license at the RMV, he or she is automatically registered to vote. It is up to the individual—say, if they are a non-citizen here on a Green Card or work visa—to unregister from the voting roll after they acquire a driver’s license. In short, it is based on the honor system. The RMV doesn’t automatically weed out non-citizens from being registered to vote. Hence, issuing driver’s licenses to countless illegal immigrants creates fertile ground for rampant election corruption and voter fraud. Democrats champion amnesty and sanctuary cities. Which party do you think illegals will be voting for?


Voters understand this. And they rightly don’t want to see Massachusetts become a Third World-style banana republic overrun with illegal aliens, crime, drugs and rigged, corrupt elections. This is why if enough signatures are collected and the issue is put to a referendum, the Democrats risk an electoral backlash.


Republican gubernatorial candidate, Geoff Diehl, is helping to spearhead the collection drive. Diehl is a Trump conservative, who believes in secure borders, election integrity and opposes illegal immigration. He understands a basic political reality: this ballot initiative will drive up voter turnout like nothing else in recent memory. It polls well not just with Republicans, but more importantly with independents and many moderate Democrats. It is an albatross for radical left-wing Democrats, especially for their gubernatorial candidate, Maura Healey, who fully backs driver’s licenses for illegals. This is the issue that can propel a stunning Republican upset and put a conservative populist in the governor’s office.


GOP sources tell me they are still a few thousand signatures short. There is only a week left before the deadline. For conservatives, Trump supporters, and patriots, it is now or never. I am urging everyone to sign the petition. Here is the website to find a location near you:

The fate of Massachusetts hangs in the balance.    


-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6-10 am ET. He can be reached at:

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