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DeSantis Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy

Flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard a political coup

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has delivered a crushing blow to the Biden regime and its liberal allies. He has exposed them for what they are: virtue-signaling frauds and moral hypocrites.


This is the real meaning of his decision to fly two planeloads of illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard—a wealthy enclave in Massachusetts where limousine liberals and prominent Democrats, such as the Obamas and the Kennedys, own multi-million dollar estates.


The Vineyard is the summer playground of woke left-wing elites, who champion social justice and open borders. Like Massachusetts itself, the Vineyard is a sanctuary jurisdiction. It claims to welcome illegal aliens, vowing to shield them from immigration enforcement and possible deportation.


Hence, one would expect the Moonbat residents of the island to embrace the 50 Venezuelan migrants flown in by DeSantis. Nothing could be further from the truth. They don’t want the illegals.


In fact, Democrats and the liberal media establishment are melting down. State Rep. Dylan Fernandes, an open-borders globalist who represents Falmouth, thundered that DeSantis’ decision to send the illegal aliens was “evil,” “disgusting” and “inhumane.” State Sen. Julian Cyr also called it “racist” and “deeply disgusting.” Hosts on CNN—I am not kidding—compared it to the Nazis and the Holocaust. The Chamber of Commerce of Martha’s Vineyard said the island now faces a “humanitarian crisis.”


It doesn’t. What Martha’s Vineyard and the Democrats are facing, however, are the real-world consequences of their disastrous, treasonous policies. And they don’t like it. Since Joe Biden became president nearly 5 million illegal immigrants have poured into the United States. The reason is simple: Biden has erased our southern border, inviting Third World migrants to flood America.


The result has been an invasion of historic proportions. States like Texas, Arizona and Florida are being overwhelmed with illegal immigrants, drugs, crime, and human trafficking. Border towns are overrun; social services, housing and local hospitals are strained to the breaking point; residents are no longer safe in their own homes and communities. For example, in El Paso, Texas, thousands of migrants are sleeping on sidewalks, streets are strewn with garbage, residents are complaining of the stench of urine and feces in public areas, and Mexican drug cartels engage in deadly battles with police and law enforcement. In short, southern border states are under siege.


This is why DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have responded by sending these illegal aliens to blue states and sanctuary cities, such as Washington D.C., Chicago and New York. If Democrat mayors and liberal governors insist upon supporting Biden’s open borders and unlimited Third World immigration, then they should also suffer the effects of his destructive policies. In fact, for too long, far too many liberals have remained immune to their own disastrous decisions. They want illegals to be resettled in red states, such as Idaho, Wyoming and South Dakota, or for red border states like Texas and Florida to bear the brunt of this migrant onslaught. In other words, progressives want illegals to live in someone else’s neighborhood, but not theirs. Washington, New York, Chicago—all of the Democrat mayors insist they cannot and will not accept any more migrants being transported to their cities.


Which begs the question: Why not? If illegal aliens are so virtuous, productive, hard-working and beneficial as liberals and the establishment media insist, then why shouldn’t Martha’s Vineyard—or any other sanctuary jurisdiction from Boston to San Francisco—eagerly accept and even encourage them to keep coming. Forget 50 migrants, the rich leftists on the Vineyard should be calling for 5,000 migrants to be resettled on their island as a gesture of their good will and compassion. Instead, 50 is too much. Compare this meager figure to the hordes of illegals swamping Uvalde, El Paso or Tucson.


So, again: Why don’t Democrats take in as many migrants as possible? The answer is simple—and obvious: Everyone knows illegal immigration is a disaster. It leads to fiscal ruin and social collapse. It is the surest way to creating a Third World hellhole. The Moonbats of Martha’s Vineyard don’t want illegals because the more that are flown in the more their property values will plummet, the more crime will increase, the more drugs will proliferate, the more squalor and disorder will infect their streets and sidewalks, the more their schools, neighborhoods and medical facilities will suffer from overcrowding, and the more poverty will rear its ugly head. Ultimately, Martha’s Vineyard risks looking like large swathes of Biden’s America.


The hypocrisy of progressive elites and the island’s liberals is so thick they are choking on it. DeSantis has lifted their smug, self-righteous mask, revealing them for the liars and charlatans that they are. Democrats will never recover.              


-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6-10 am ET. He can be reached at:


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