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Did Alec Baldwin Fire That Gun?; More Lawsuits Challenging State Gun Restrictions; Dangers Of Appendix Carry: Gun Talk Radio | 05.26.24 Hour 2

What Makes Cannonballs Explode?; Is It Necessary To Cowitness A Red Dot Sight?; More ATF Abuses: Gun Talk Radio | 05.26.24 Hour 3

In This Hour:

--  How to cannonballs work?  What makes them explode?

--  What does it mean to "cowitness" a red dot sight, and is it necessary?

--  Congress reviews recent ATF abuses.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 05.26.24 Hour 3

Remembering Veterans Through War Museums; 22 Rimfires Are Perfect For Practice; Buy Locally To Save Money: Gun Talk Radio | 05.26.24 After Show

In This Hour:

--  One way to remember the sacrifices made by veterans is to visit war museums. The WWI Museum in Kansas City and the WWII Museum in New Orleans are great places to start.

--  There is no better, and no more fun way, to practice shooting then with a .22 rimfire firearm. 

--  Save shipping and hazmat fees by buying ammo and powder locally.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  05.26.24 After Show

‘Young Fudds’ and Evolving Optics | Gun Talk Hunt

Trent Marsh of Riton Optics joins host Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin for this episode of Gun Talk Hunt. Trent and KJ discuss a variety of topics including: Budget shotguns, being a “Young Fudd”, the evolution of firearm optics and the technology associated with them - plus much more.

Learn more about Riton Optics here:

Trent is the President of theAssociation of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW). Learn more about AGLOW here:

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Gun Talk Hunt 05.21.24

LIVE From Ruger Booth At NRA Annual Meetings; 75th Anniversay Guns From Ruger; Timney Trigger Adds The Ruger American Gen 2: Gun Talk Radio | 05.19.24 Hour 1

In This Hour:

-- LIVE from the Ruger booth at the 2024 NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, Gun Talk Radio delivers the latest news in products and Second Amendment advances.

-- For its 75th anniversary, Ruger offers several commemorative guns.  RG Stitt runs them down for Gun Talk.

-- Making a great rifle even better, Timney Trigger adds a new model for the Ruger American Gen 2 rifle.  Chris Ellis talks triggers, turkey hunter, and squirrels.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 05.19.24  Hour 1

The Latest Pistols From Sig Sauer; Franklin Armory's Speedy Triggers; Marlin's Lever Actions: Gun Talk Radio | 05.19.24 Hour 2

In This Hour:

-- Eric Lundgren reveals the latest from Marlin, and hints at what's to come.

-- Sig Sauer just keeps bringing out new versions of the P320 and P365 pistols.  Phil Strader unveils the latest.

-- At the NRA Show, Franklin Armory announces a new trigger.   Dan Dement tells what it is and what it does.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 05.19.24  Hour 2

Barrett Brings Back A Classic Rifle; Next-Generation Handheld and Weapon Lights; What Is Enough Accuracy?: Gun Talk Radio | 05.19.24 Hour 3

In This Hour:

-- Mitch Hulsey of Barrett Firearms announces the return of the REC 7 rifle.

-- Meprolight's war-tested lights for defensive uses.  Bill Yerby explains the company's products.

-- How much accuracy do you really need?

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 05.19.24  Hour 3

What’s Up With Wait Times? | Gun Talk Nation

You may have heard that silencer wait times are down. That’s good news, but it didn’t just happen by sheer luck. Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association sits down with Gun Talk Nation’s Ryan Gresham to examine why forms are being processed faster and the massive amount of work the ASA has done to help this process. 

Formed in 2011, the American Suppressor Association describes itself as “the unified voice of the suppressor community” and they exist “to fight for pro-suppressor reform nationwide.”

Save 10% on your ASA membership with Gun Talk’s exclusive code. Learn more:

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Gun Talk Nation 05.15.24


REBROADCAST-2024's Most Important Gun Rights Stories; Is A 22 OK For Home Defense?; Is The Supreme Court Avoiding An "Assault Weapon" Case?: Gun Talk Radio | 05.12.24 Hour 1


-- AWR Hawkins counts down the most important gun rights stories of the year. 

--  It might sound crazy, but is a .22 rimfire rifle suitable for home defense?

--  Is the Supreme Court avoiding taking an "assault weapon" case?

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  05.12.24  Hour 1

REBROADCAST-Outrageous Rimfire Competitions; Making Great 22s, Sould You Carry An Expensive Protection Gun?: Gun Talk Radio | 05.12.24 Hour 2


-- What's behind the rapid growth of precision and long range rimfire shooting competitions?

-- Paul Parrot explains how Vudoo Gun Works makes super-accurate .22 rifles.

-- Would you carry a $3000 pistol for protection? 

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 05.12.24  Hour 2