Howie Carr is the New York Times best-selling author of The Brothers Bulger and Hitman, in addition to several other Boston organized-crime books and two novels. He is the host of a New England-wide radio talk-show syndicated to more than 20 stations, and is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago. He is also a columnist for the Boston Herald, and has won a National Magazine Award for Boston Magazine. He is also a contributor to

Boston organized-crime boss Whitey Bulger was so infuriated by Carr’s groundbreaking reporting that he once put out a murder contract on Carr, a story detailed on 60 Minutes. At his 2013 trial on murder and racketeering charges, Bulger tried to have Carr banned from the courtroom by calling him as a defense witness. Before he was brutally murdered in a gangland hit, the crime czar still said his greatest regret was not murdering Carr when he had the chance. Carr once taught a course at Harvard, where he had to cross a picket line against himself to get to his class.

Chopped Chumps - 3.31.23

Thinking PAWSitive with Dr. Matt the Vet: Howie's Getting a New Pug! | 3.30.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 4

It's the final Friday of the month, and you know what that means. Dr. Matt, the official veterinarian of The Howie Carr Show, enters the studio to answer all of your pet questions. This week, Dr. Matt helps Howie in his big announcement: he's getting a new pug! Then, the doc covers Chihuahua seizures and Spaniels with sinus problems. Tune in!

A Post-Indictment Chump Line & Police Blotter Fax Friday | 3.30.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 3

It's that time of week again! Grace Curley joins Howie to present the latest wacky stories from your local police blotter. This week, listeners sent Grace lots of bowel movement moments and of course, some animal stories, too!

The Bidens Might Not Have Mugshots But Their Rap Sheets are Way Worse than Trump's | 3.30.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 2

Howie talks the double standard in the Democrat Party where no crimes are ever prosecuted. Just imagine a Biden crime family member going through what Trump has gone through. Then, Howie discusses how the indictment has actually helped Trump's poll numbers over his predicted competitor, Ron DeSantis.

After Trump's Indictment, Our Nation Will Never Be the Same | 3.30.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 1

Well, there goes the United States of America. Howie explains how the indictment of former President Donald J. Trump will send our nation down a path it can never come back from. This never happened to Clinton, and it certainly never happened to a Kennedy! All Democrats are innocent!

CBS Bans Word "Transgender" from Nashville Shooter Reports | 3.31.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 3

Oh how the woke crumble when their newly drummed-up words are used against them. The Nashville Covenant School shooter was a female who identified as a transgender male. Since the media can't bear reporting badly on a member of the mostly peaceful LGBTQ community, they are pretending she doesn't belong to the group. Some community!

The Media's Selective Outrage on Display in Trump Indictment | 3.31.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 2

Grace continues the hot topic of the indictment of Donald J. Trump, the first-ever federal prosecution of a former president. Is it merely a distraction from this week's school shooting, foreign affairs, and culture wars? Tune in for Grace's takes on the situation as she dialogues with listeners.

Pelosi Forgets About Due Process in Embarrassing Post-Indictment Statement | 3.31.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 1

Whose statement after the Trump indictment was the most appalling? Was it Nancy Pelosi's, which stated Trump has to prove innocence? Or was it Joy Reid's wildly unrelated and off-base comments about race and religion? Tune in for Grace's takes on Trump's alleged crime as well as comments from the callers!

Morning Minute: DONALD J. TRUMP INDICTED - 3.31.23

We are in uncharted territory, a banana republic. No former president has been indicted by the Department of Justice. Twice impeached and now indicted by the FBI, Donald J. Trump will go down in history.

Chopped Chumps - 3.30.23

Enjoy these Chumps that didn't quiet make it.