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Good news is something everyone loves to hear and I strongly believe that we all need that dose of positivity in a world filled with so much bad news. Call me bias but I especially love positive news that happens in our own backyards! 

A local woman out of Lowell, MA is being recognized by local news outlets (including WRKO), for her continued efforts to raise more and more money for St. Jude Research Hospital. Sherri Laffey Sarrouf started a kids fitness/dance performance team where that is their main goal. She went as far as naming her performance team after the famous cancer battling hospital-the "St. Jude Performance Team". Laffey-Sarrouf started this performance team out of Lowell with just a couple friends' kids and now 19 years later they have raised a total of $4.1 million with $500,000 of that being from last year alone! 

Currently the team dance consists of 120 boys and girls and they practice out of SLS Fitness in Lowell, MA. They have an upcoming show happening locally at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium on March 17th. Be sure to get your tickets, HERE 

Lightning and Boston's Morning Show thanks you and recognizes you and your performance team, Sherri Laffey Sarrouf! 

Marita MacKinnon

Marita MacKinnon

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