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The Grammys like many award shows nowadays has turned into an event to showcase whatever political movement that is currently going on. The only difference with the Grammys is they showcase it a lot more through musical performances. Last night, there was certainly no shortage of displays of that. The show kicked off with what most are dubbing a "Black Lives Matter" performance with Kendrick Lamar. During his mashup of song performances, at least 3 times he showcased gun violence on the stage. It was quite the bold statement, one that you could not ignore. Lamar is a fast rapper and so if you couldn't understand what he was saying, you certainly got the message through the dancers movements and the sound effects! The only thing that "lightened" the tone was Dave Chappell's cameo throughout the performance, which was no doubt a way for them to "lighten" the message by pointing out what Lamar was doing was pushing the limit. I personally love Dave Chappell so Chappell certainly added a bit of "humor" to the situation so that the issue was still addressed but it wasn't wicked awkward and left people stunned. What do you make of this opening? 


After the Grammys kicked off with a "Black Lives Matter" display, soon after the beautiful Lady Gaga performed a vocal mashup of her songs "Joanne" and "A Million Reasons". She casually slipped in there a "Time's Up" comment in between transitions. It wasn't an over the top political statement like Lamar but more a nod at the #MeToo Movement. There is no doubt Gaga has a beautiful voice and she isn't afraid to show it! While she is a huge women's rights activist and it's no secret she's not a fan of POTUS Trump as she was one of the many protesting outside Trump Tower when he got elected, she proves that she can let her music speak for herself without having to dress up in a meat dress like she has done in the past. She's at the stage in her career where she is very comfortable in showing herself bare and I love that! Her demeanor in itself is a nod to women to live authentically and fearlessly. She addressed the #MeToo Movement in a very classy way. 


The displays of the #MeToo movement did not end with Gaga, she merely kicked it off. When Kesha took the stage she drove it home in a powerful and chilling performance of "Praying". She left everyone, including James Corden the host, almost speechless. She put her emotions all out there in her performance and that was incredibly brave. She showed her powerful strength which was beyond inspiring to thousands of women. For that we can't help but applaud her.


Touching upon "Black Lives Matter", #MeTooMovement & "Time's Up" was not the end of the political statement coverage. Of course they had to touch upon immigration and the dreamers. Singer Camila Cabello made a speech about how she herself is or was a "dreamer" and how her parents are Cuban/Mexican immigrants. She declares that these kids cannot be forgotten and are "worth fighting for". She goes on to introduce U2 who so happens to be on a dock with the Statue of Liberty in the background as they sing a song that seems very much aimed at POTUS Trump...you be the judge.


All in all, award shows are no longer just about their origin subject matter like just music, movies, TV, or Broadway shows. They have become a platform for artists of all kinds to make political statements or displays. Whether you agree with that or not or like it or not, that's the way the world of entertainment has turned. 

Marita MacKinnon

Marita MacKinnon

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