When Your Disney Nightmares Come True...

As a kid I loved The Little Mermaid & heck I still do! I'm basically the resident "Disney fanatic" on the Morning Show...With that being said I would be fairly startled upon seeing what happened here at Disneyland in California! Let's set the scene...you're at the adventure theme park for a lovely day with the family and you decide to go on "Ariel's Undersea Adventure". You wait in line (sometimes for hours) and you finally get on the ride, you're excited, your kids are excited (if you have any) and the ride is going along and it's magical because it's Disney and then here comes the transition into the scary scene with Ursula. First you see the eels, which are scary enough as it is. By the way, eels always freaked me out as a kid. I spent summers on a lake in Maine and was told horror stories about eels coming out in the waters at night. Yikes! That's enough to scare any adult as well. I think it was just a clever tactic by my parents to get me to stay away from the water come dark...well it worked! Anyway...if you're not familiar with the story, the eels in "The Little Mermaid", are the sea urchin's two minions and they set the stage for Ursula in this ride. Next thing you know you see Ursula saying her bit and it's not the scary Ursula you remember from the movie, it's a mangled headless Ursula singing and moving! AHH! If I was a child (maybe an adult) I'd have run out of that ride. I probably would be scarred for life as a child so Disney, heads up, you might be giving away lots of free park passes and merch because those Mickey ice creams as good as they are, are not going to cut it after this mental damage of seeing headless Ursula! 


I'm heading to Disney myself at the end of March and after hearing about this I'm a little wary of "The Little Mermaid" or "It's A Small World" for that matter. Oh man, God forbid that happened in the "It's A Small World" ride, Disney would probably have a lawsuit on their hands if any of those ethnic dolls heads came off because you know someone would think it's discriminatory...better double check the mechanics on that one! 

What a "poor unfortunate" Ursula is more like it! Only let's be honest, she kind of got what she deserved after taking Ariel's voice like that! This is what Ariel's Undersea Adventure is supposed to be like & I promise you with all of their heads in-tact!

Marita MacKinnon

Marita MacKinnon

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