Dr. Fauci says it's "outrageous" his words were used & twisted in Trump ad

On Sunday's 60 Minutes, Dr. Fauci was speaking to CBS News chief medical correspondence and 60 Minutes contributor Dr. Jon LaPook about the Trump White House's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. During the interview Dr. Fauci mentioned a couple things that grabbed media's attention. For starters Dr. Fauci said that he is not surprised President Trump contracted the Coronavirus. Dr. Fauci says he was worried he was going to get sick when he saw him in a completely "precarious situation" in a crowded with no separation situation where hardly anyone was wearing a mask. The event Dr. Fauci is talking about is the event in the White House's Rose Garden honoring Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the SCOTUS nominee to fill Ruth Bader Ginsberg's seat...

Additionally, Dr. Fauci was featured in a Trump campaign ad saying: " I can't imagine that anybody could be doing anymore". Dr. Fauci said these words were taken out of context and twisted. He says he was referring to the grueling work of them White House task force who were working 7 days a week to tackle the government response to the pandemic. Dr. Fauci says he has not nor will he ever endorse a candidate for President and that this is "outrageous" how his words were used.

What do you make of this Trump campaign ad? Do you think it was inappropriate for them to use Dr. Fauci's words like this or do you think Dr. Fauci is overreacting? I honestly think it's not that big of a deal. If you think about it, Dr. Fauci does work for the Trump administration, he is the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases at the National Institutes of Health within the National Institute of Health and a member of the White House Coronavirus task force. Like it or not Dr. Fauci helped the Trump administration tackle the Coronavirus so they have the right to use that to their advantage. I understand it was a campaign ad Dr. Fauci was heard in, which may make it look like he is endorsing him, but in reality it's just showcasing Trump's administration getting the job done. I think it's okay to use and even if Dr. Fauci claims it was twisted like he was endorsing Trump, it's still relevant as it's showcasing the people Trump surrounded himself with and how he tackled the big issues regardless of Dr. Fauci's political views. Dr. Fauci did say what he said and whether it's about Trump or under his task force, it's still pro Trump however you want to spin it. What do you think?

-Producer Lightning