Honoring Police This National Police Week

This week is National Police Week and with that being said I wanted to devote an entire "Flash of Lightning" to sharing feel good police stories. I believe the majority of our officers are good people with good hearts and they need our support, respect, and understanding now more than ever.

Listen to this week's "Flash" where I take you around the country to various police departments to highlight some of the encouraging and inspiring work theses officers are doing where they are going above and beyond the normal call of duty.

Please thank an officer in your life today or in the near future. They do not ask for thanks but I know they appreciate it. I strongly believe our officers need to know they are appreciated and that a good portion of citizens care for their well being.

An additional thank you to all of our nation's law enforcement officers. I appreciate YOU for what you do protecting and serving our cities and towns throughout this country. May God bless you all.

-Producer Lightning

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