Flash of Lightning: June 10, 2022

This week's featured Flash of Lightning addresses:

Have trouble swallowing pills? This new development could help...

Ever wish you could take back a text you sent? Or how about correct a typo in a sent text? Your wish is Apple's command!

Mmm Strawberry Frosty!

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I think a good amount of people out there could use this MIT/Brigham & Women's developed pill gel. Sign me up! Has anyone ever had to take one of those ridiculous horse pill sized tablet medications or supplements? My God...! I now find myself saying tablet only...because (not to be TMI) but ever had one of those things get stuck in your throat? It's NOT fun so I say YES PLEASE to this pill gel!

This new iOS16 Apple feature sounds like the Bees Knees! I'm down but my only question is if you have an edit feature and also an unsend feature is your initial text message just delayed? I don't know about you guys but the majority of time, maybe 80% of the time I see my texts come in, I read them right away unless I'm sleeping or working on something so how could that work if I saw the initial text then what it disappears if you unsend it? I already saw it. Is this in the hopes that I don't see it for 15 minutes so you can resend or edit? Either way, cool feature and I'd rather have it than not but still I think anyone who wants to use this feature when sending texts to me, it will be moot...

& HECK YEAH to the new limited edition Frosty. I know I'm in the minority when I say what I'm about to say but I'm not a Wendy's person. Although their breakfast potatoes are bomb...had them at an airport Wendy's one morning when I was waiting for my flight and nothing else was open. I digress. The reason I'd go to a Wendy's is for a Frosty...and if I'm with someone else who wants Wendy's...as a pescatarian its not my go to choice. Just isn't. BUT I would go to Wendy's now to try the strawberry frosty, out of curiosity. It just sounds delicious! How about you, you game for the strawberry frosty?

-Producer Lightning

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