Flash of Lightning - Hot pretzels through the drive-thru!!!

Have you missed the latest Flash stories that will jolt your knowledge? Fear not...here they are:

A Neil Diamond world premiere right here in Boston!

Which state is the "smahtest" in the country?

Hot pretzels through the drive-thru!!

Listen for more details!

If you're a big Neil Diamond fan and you're local to the Greater Boston area or even New England, then you might want to check out this new world premiere musical! I've heard good reviews. I'm not per say a big Neil Diamond fan but I'm not opposed to it. I would check this musical out since I like musical theater. It's only available till July 31st so if you're interested look into tickets, HERE.

Massachusetts is named the "smahtest" state by PennStakes.com. Is that really a surprise? I mean sure we can be known to be Massholes BUT we are a medical and college mecca here in Boston so naturally you'd think we have some pretty "smaht" people. People travel here for educational or professional endeavors then settle here to live so it only makes sense. Congrats MA on being the smart know it all state!

& heck yeah to Auntie Anne's drive thrus! Man, I LOVE warm pretzels, especially cinnamon sugar soft pretzels from Auntie Anne's! That's my go to. Up until this decision it was only possible to get those pretzels when visiting the mall and how often do you go to the mall? It was like a special treat. What was even better is I remember being at the South Shore Plaza about 10-15 minutes before closing where it was a well known secret that they would drop the price of the pretzels to a dollar a piece because they had to get rid of them or throw them out and it was the BEST thing ever! Those pretzels can be like $4/5 each so a dollar each is amazing. I don't know if they still do that, probably not with inflation, etc. but man those were the good old days...

-Producer Lightning

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