Flash of Lightning: 7/1/22

If you missed the latest Flash currently playing on the airewaves...

SO many chances to get a free Slurpee this year!

Bye Bye Splash Mountain! This is Disney's new ride...

Well that is unexpected & kinda of creepy...Not sure I want to hear my deceased relative's voice played throughout my house...

Listen here for deets!

Pretty clutch that 7-Eleven is offering all these chances to grab one of their Slurpees for free! I've always liked 7-Eleven so I'm down for a nice icy cold Slurpee, especially with the 90+ degree weather we've been having lately in the Greater Boston area. Plus the 7-Eleven app is free so no excuse why you can't grab at least one free Slurpee. & hey if you don't like Slurpees, get it for someone who would appreciate it.

I knew the change and death of Splash Mountain was coming. It was a big news story a couple years ago about how the ride was outdated and racist and basically Disney should be ashamed of itself. I heard rumblings for a while now that the ride would be replaced with a Princess and the Frog ride and what better way to replace a reportedly racist ride than to replace it with a themed movie that celebrates Black Americans and features Disney's first Black princess. It's really a smart move by Disney. If I'm being honest, in a weird way it will be cool to say to my future children, hey I went on Splash Mountain multiple times when I was a child, a famed ride that is no longer in existence.

Now, this is creepy. Sorry, I don't think I'd like the idea by Amazon of a deceased relative of mine speaking through my Alexa throughout my house. It would be too weird for me. I get for some it might be endearing and help kids remember their grandparent but I also think it could be dangerous and people might develop an unhealthy relationship with their Alexa over this. If I was on a panel to vote whether to make this available to the public, I would vote no. I think it has more potential for harm than good. Plus, it's just creepy! What do you think?

-Producer Lightning

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