Flash of Lightning: July 23, 2022

Have you heard the latest Flash of Lightning? It entails:

Your chance to get a low number MA license plate!

Free Subway sandwiches for life...if you're THIS devoted to the brand...!

Take a listen:

People get so excited and wowed about a low license plate number. I guess that's because it's a rarity to have one and see one. There are only so many people who have a single or double digit license plate number so when you see when it's like seeing a panda bear or something. You don't see them everyday...

If you are one of those people who always wanted a low number Massachusetts license plate, here's your chance! Take a look at the available numbers and apply, HERE!

As for Subway...the funny thing is I will be in the same city as the block party that Subway is hosting where the nine lucky superfans will be getting Subway tattoos. I could technically go if I wanted to but lets be honest I'm not that hardcore about Subway! I don't know if I'm that hardcore about any food chain but I will tell you I probably would get a coffee cup or something tattooed on me if it meant I got free Starbucks or Dunkin or even yet Marylou's for life! I would legit actually contemplate that...is there any food or drink item you'd get tattooed on you that you love so much you'd be willing to do that and get said item for free for life? If you're a Subway person, this is your chance!

-Producer Lightning

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