Flash of Lightning: August 5, 2022

This week's Flash of Lightning:

Mustard flavored donut, anyone?

The healthiest state in the country...hint it's closer than you think.

Ever wonder what cat food tastes like? Well now, you don't have to wonder thanks to this...!

Listen in for the skinny!

You know, I love a good donut! & I don't hate mustard. As a matter of fact I've kind of been on a weird mustard kick lately so I'd definitely give this donut a try. Would you? Now I would have to order online because naturally I do not live in NYC nor am I going there anytime soon. If you're one of the lucky ones, you can get some mustard donuts for FREE! I don't think this is as gross as some are making it out to be. Come on, live a little!

If you guessed Vermont as the healthiest state in the U.S., you're wrong. It's Massachusetts! That shouldn't be a total surprise though as we do have some of if not the best hospitals in the world. Plus here in MA we have the best of both worlds. Meaning we have the city and the beach and the mountains to enjoy so it's not we're suffering with the landscape. We also have a vibrant social scene in Boston with lots of great restaurants and activities to do. On top of that Boston offers some great jobs with a decent income so it's almost a no brainer that this state would be the healthiest!

Would you try cat food inspired dishes? You know, I think I would! I'm kind of a cat freak and one of those cat people so I would try an Italian style prepared cat food inspired dish! Now, I'm not gonna pop open a can of cat food and eat it but if there was a chef that prepared a meal based off of what cats eat, yeah I would try it! The question I have is, now can I bring my cat along with me to this NYC restaurant and we can both have "cat food"?

Good news, if you can't get in for a reservation or you live anywhere else in the world, Fancy Feast is offering up recipe cards so you can try your hand at the dish at home! Now that's something I might just try out!

-Producer Lightning

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