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Flash of Lightning: Feb. 10, 2023

& for this week's Flash of Lightning I address:

Well MA you're apparently the loneliest out there...

Walmart causing a stir with their new teddy bear...good idea or too cruel?

This unexpected fast-food chain is testing out a non-meat sandwich!

The full deets, here!

Well someone's got to be the "loneliest state" why shouldn't it be MA? I'm not really that surprised. It's not like MA is known for being the city of love and furthermore it's not a huge city like NYC where there are plenty of options...ever heard of Sex in the City? Isn't that like the main motive for what main character Carrie says women move to NYC in hopes of? Love. I think that is like literally in the pilot episode but digress.

Can I just say I Love Walmart's new break-up teddy bear? I think it's funny and genius. Then again, I'm not in the position of breaking up with someone or being broken up with (fingers crossed!). I suppose I wouldn't find it as funny if I was presented this but then again what am I talking about, yes I would because it sings NSYNC and that's my favorite boy band! I feel like this bear would have the opposite effect on me. Can you get me the bear? I should also mention I'm a pessimist at heart...

Woohoo! Way to go Chick Fil A! I was honestly thought this would never happen. Of all the fast-food chains I never expected Chick Fil A to cave and give into the plant-based meals. If we know anything about them, they stick to their guns when it comes to personal values, beliefs, etc. Remember this is the company that is closed on Sundays... If it's going to be any non-meat option though, I will say they are still doing it their way with a cauliflower sandwich. No other fast-food chain (that I know of) offers that and they are not trying to offer what some would call "fake meat" like the impossible or beyond meat options, so Chick Fil A is doing it their way and they're not even Burger King!

-Producer Lightning

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