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Flash of Lightning: March 6, 2023

The latest Flash covers:

Taking the idea of saving trees to a whole new level...!

McDonald's going chickenless! Sort of...

Never married? Live in MA? You're not far from being "alone" on that front...

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Microwavable notebook? Pretty cool! Of course my mind goes directly to being a little more devious when I was in school doodling or writing little notes so this would be awesome, like oh what note? What doodle? What are you talking about? There's nothing here! This would come in handy to "erase" whatever material was on that notebook. Imagine if Mean Book had a "smart" Burn Book? Now that's food for thought!

Of course McDonald's is testing out their McPlant nuggets OVERSEAS! Why do all the cool test things happen elsewhere other than where I am? I suppose there's pros to that though...but still. I would want to try these for sure but I'm not flying to Germany to do so! I'd love to see, well taste, how McDonald's is cooking up plant based nuggets! Now pair that with their fries and honey mustard sauce and I'm drooling just thinking about it!

Well who knew MA had so many "never married" people? I certainly didn't. I'm not surprised NY is the #1. I feel like NYC is made for singles to mingle and they all flock there! If I was theorizing though the hub of MA being Boston, has many intellectual, young working adults who are primarily focused on bettering themselves and their careers and not necessarily "looking for love" or to settle down right away so to me when you put that into perspective I guess it makes sense. Also think about it being such a hub for research, medicine, and science, and not to stereotype but those professions are very demanding, maybe not necessarily the most stereotypical "family-friendly" occupations and I think you're more likely to find people in those professions who might not be interested in getting married or having kids than say that of some other professions. Again not to stereotype, that's just one way of looking at it. But hey, good for MA in leading the stats in a lower divorce rate too! Probably with less people getting married also means less people getting divorced but still!

-Producer Lightning

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