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Flash of Lightning: March 22, 2023

Have you heard the latest Flash hit the WRKO airwaves? If not, no worries, this is what it entails:

Apparently, we're that annoying...but is that really a surprise to anyone?

The childhood drink you loved but now comes in an "adult" version!

No need to travel to Disney World anymore for this popular frozen treat...!

Listen for more details!

YUP, we are that baseball fans but again is that really a surprise to anyone? I like to call it "passionate" not annoying though. Boston Red Sox fans have that stereotype of harsh heckling (once upon a time) until they started cracking down on fans in the park and throwing them out if they started really harassing the other opposing team's fans. I've seen many fans get out of hand and booted. Fenway is a lot "tamer" than it used to be but I think maybe that stereotype has stuck a little bit. Then we have the "pink hats" who bring their own level of "annoyance" for some so I can see how outsiders find us annoying but hey what I have to say to that is "get outta here", we are who we are, take it or leave it!

Yo, I'm all about the Sunny D vodka seltzers! I know my husband is too since he just called me up after listening to my Flash and asked me when I'll be bringing home some hard Sunny D!? Let's hope the hype over it is as good as it seems. It appears to have a lot of promise.

People go nuts over the famous Disney World frozen treat, the pineapple soft serve Dole Whip. Honestly, I believe I've had it once upon a time (pun intended) but it's not my go to treat at Disney World. I always have to get my chocolate covered vanilla ice cream Mickey ears bar! Which by the way, they have already come out with those in grocery stores but again there's just something about having it at the park itself that tastes better but I digress. I'm game for the Dole Whip coming to a grocery store near us though. I think I'll be more inclined to seek it out in my own time rather than at Disney World when there are so many treats and options and only so much space in your stomach! Apparently there is no official date it's being released just sometime this year so definitely be on the lookout for it. I know I will be!

-Producer Lightning

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