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Flash of Lightning: April 3, 2023

Have you heard the latest Flash of Lightning? If not, no worries I have you covered here!

Move over Labrador Retriever! You're no longer top dog!

An official state ice cream for MA? & it would be this flavor??

Would you have cereal as part of your nighttime routine? This company hopes you'll consider it and here's why...

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The news about the new top dog does not surprise me because the Frenchies really have taken off in the last decade! They are dominating in the houses of celebrities like Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio and average families alike. They are so popular they cost like thousands of dollars too! I'm talking like $3000k and up! That's one of the main reasons Lady Gaga had her dog stolen a couple years ago was the money. I don't even know if the robber knew it was a celebrity's dog, they just knew the dog was worth a pretty penny! I will admit the French Bulldog is super cute. It's still not my person favorite so I'm not with the majority of America but I can see why people like them. What's your favorite dog breed? Why?

Alright. 1) Do we need a state ice cream? 2) Should it be cookies and cream?

This group of students helped create a bill to make this happen and you know what? I'm here for it. Not sure that's exactly at the top of our priorities list but I'm a foodie and I'm all about the food talk. Plus, who doesn't love ice cream? Now, when it comes to the flavor, I'm not sold on Cookies & Cream to represent MA. Don't get me wrong, it's a great flavor but does it scream Massachusetts? I think the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Boston Cream Pie flavor better represent the state as both those desserts originated here and are a known staple of the state. While the students might be going off of how the chocolate chip cookie originated here with their Cookies & Cream choice, why not just go with the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie? That would be my top choice for an official flavor & you better get on it with that popular flavor too before another state tries to snag it as their official flavor!

Vote for your favorite in my Twitter poll:

Nighttime cereal? I'll allow it. I really dig cereal. It's tasty, easy, simple. It's just satisfying. I sometimes even have it for dinner if I don't feel like cooking so you could say I already have nighttime cereal! However, this specially designated cereal by Post Cereals is geared towards eating at nighttime because it has special vitamins/herbs in it that promote a healthy, better sleep. Not that I have a sleep problem or anything but I would give this a try because not only am I intrigued, and I think who wouldn't want an even better night sleep but the flavors sound good and the box is so inviting! I think I'll have to order mine now. I hear it's available at Walmart but I have found you can also buy this cereal on Amazon.

-Producer Lightning

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