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Flash of Lightning: April 17, 2023

In this week's Flash:

Hmmm, Kraft Mac & Cheese gummy candy...?!

Bunk Beds on airplanes? Yes please!

& the 1st ever QB helmet designed to reduce concussions has been approved!

Listen in for more info in this week's Flash!

Upon first hearing about Kraft's macaroni and cheese gummies it sounds gross until you realize it's actually not cheese flavored but rather fruit flavored. That's better. As much as I love cheese, I don't think I could get down with gummy cheese. That's a bit much for me but I think it's fun the shape and resemblance is macaroni! I would try that. How about you? If you really want to get them, you can purchase them, HERE.

Bunk Beds on airplanes is, in my opinion, a genius idea! How many of us want to sleep but can't fall asleep in the uncomfortable seats? Forget about trying to catch some sleep if you're in a middle seat. Usually, any sort of comfort is reserved for first class or business class but thanks to Air New Zealand, they're allowing the rest of us to access some nap time on their offered bunk beds for long flights! I think more planes should do this!

Check out the original reveal of the proposed bunk beds for Air New Zealand and what they would look like:

Great news in the NFL world when it comes to player safety. We all saw the terrible concussion that Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa suffered last season, that had us asking if there is anything we can do to make what can be a dangerous sport any safer. Well, the company Vicis had been working on a new quarterback helmet to reduce concussions and the NFL and NFLPA just signed off on it. The Zero2 Matrix helmet appears to be a big step in the right direction! Who wouldn't want to see this become more regularly used?

-Producer Lightning

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