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Flash of Lightning: Week of May 9, 2023

This week's Flash covers:

Mattel introduces this Barbie first!

A play about the making of Jaws is swimming towards Broadway!

A Lyme disease vaccine to come as soon as 2025?

Listen here for more deets!

I think that's great that Mattel introduced the first Barbie with down syndrome. Who wouldn't be supportive of that? I think every child should have some sort of toy that they feel they can either relate to or that brings them a sense of belonging. If it happens to be Barbie, great! Barbie has introduced so many variet

Jaws fans, listen up! This play, The Shark is Broken, is swimming towards Broadway and is set to dock this July! Seems like great fun for those who cherished the original or would like to visit a piece of film history! Take a look at the theatrical preview below:

Great news in the medical and science world that a Lyme Disease vaccine could be here as soon as 2025! Lyme Disease is no joke and it can sneak up on you unnoticed! You have to be diligent for checking for ticks and if it goes undetected for too long if can cause serious long-term symptoms. If this vaccine is legit and safely approved, it would really be quite a great thing for people!

-Producer Lightning

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