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"Little Brothers" Provide Friendly Companionship and Support to Boston's Seniors

Grove Hall's Newest Public Art Project Celebrates Boston's Dynamic Black Women

Beautiful banners have been installed along Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan. Each banner highlights one of Boston's Black female leaders - some you may know well, others you have yet to learn about. The public art project is the brainchild of Ed Gaskin, the Executive Director of Greater Grove Hall Main Streets. It's a labor of love, and he talks with Nichole this week about how his vision to honor these powerful and beloved women is finally coming to fruition.

Pine Street Inn's Push for Permanent Supportive Housing in Greater Boston

The Massachusetts emergency shelter system is officially overburdened, according to state data, and officials say they have to turn away families while putting them on a waitlist. While the ongoing migrant crisis is contributing to this, there are other factors forcing residents onto the streets, including inflation and the skyrocketing cost of housing. Pine Street Inn in Boston has been working for years to create more permanent supportive housing in the Boston area, hoping to uplift those who find themselves at their lowest and help them get back on their feet. Lyndia Downie returns to the show to update Nichole on their efforts and talk about what's fueling the Commonwealth's housing emergency.

Disrupting Plastic's Status Quo: the Newton Startup Teaming Up with UMass for Change

As more companies look ahead to a more sustainable future, researchers are taking a closer look at how non-recyclable materials like plastic can become greener for their work. Xheme, a startup in Newton at UMass Amherst's Mount Ida Campus, has been working for years on special additives that are getting the job done, and could eventually revolutionize how we store substances like blood. Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer Kumar Challa talks with Nichole about the science behind their additives and how UMass has helped them in their work.

The Science Behind Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Tips to Tame It

The early winter darkness is here in New England, and that's got a lot of us settling in for the season. It's easy to sit at home, take more naps, get cozy... but it's also easy to slip into what's called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. It's not just a bad mood or the blues. Dr. Michelle DiBlasi, psychiatrist at Tufts Medical Center, talks with Nichole about what SAD is, how you can tell when you're dealing with it, and how to overcome it.

Community Within Chronic Illness: "Chronic Boss Collective" Empowers Women to Succeed

Millions of Americans suffer from at least one chronic condition, and the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of those illnesses can make it very difficult to navigate the fast-paced world of business. Lilly Stairs is a "serial entrepreneur" who knows about these difficulties first-hand, as she has multiple chronic conditions. Now, she's offering a space for other ambitious women in business to network, focus on their health, and find community. Lilly joins Nichole on the show this week to talk about the Chronic Boss Collective and all it has to offer, including in-person events here in Boston.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Brings "The Ghosts of Christmas Eve" to New England

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has been wowing audiences with its unique blend of metal and holiday music for decades, and their work has become a classic Christmas music choice in many homes. The band is heading back out on tour this month to put on another round of shows that they hope will continue to break artistic boundaries. Jeff Plate, the original drummer for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, talks with Nichole on this week's episode about what this year's tour has to offer, his local ties, the charity work the band does, and much more.

High Inflation, Low Balances: How Much Will Bostonians Spend for the Holidays?

It seems like each trip to the store these days is getting more and more expensive, no matter what it is you're buying. That's likely to become even more amplified as we enter the most expensive time of the year: holiday shopping season, which is also starting earlier than ever. Deloitte Global recently released its forecast on holiday spending, and Evan Sheehan, Deloitte's Retail, Wholesale and Distribution Leader in Boston, breaks down the numbers with Nichole - they might surprise you!

Hike, Eat, Repeat: New England's Autumn Hiking and Dining Adventures

Fall's here, and it's the perfect time to get out and explore the diverse beauty of our region in nature and on your plate! Marc Hurwitz of Boston's Hidden Restaurants and Boston Restaurant Talk returns to the show with his latest recommendations on fun fall hikes and restaurants to visit to fill up after. He also talks with Nichole about the latest restaurant openings and closings around the Boston area, and offers his thoughts on the state of the local restaurant industry.

Family-Friendly Halloween Happenings at the Trustees of Reservations

It's time to get spooky! Well, maybe not THAT spooky if you're having some Halloween fun with the kids. The Trustees of Reservations are hosting a long list of fun and frightening events for the entire family all over Massachusetts, everything from barnyard costume parties to eerie tours at the Old Manse. Catherine Shortliffe, Associate Director of Public Programming at the Trustees, joins Nichole to talk about some of their offerings.