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The Joe Pags Show

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Twice Impeached/Once Indicted-Hour 1

Other things to discuss other than Trump News - Hour 2

We talk about the gun law protest in Tennessee and the Biden Administration advocating for trans visibility – Pags questions what exactly that means Also Dr. Jesse Lopez joins at the bottom of the hour.

Mr. Biden goes to "Rolling Stone", MS-Hour 3

President Biden fumbles the name of a natural disaster site. PLUS - An interview with Asra Normani on the social justice warriors!

Interview With Dr. Jesse Lopez

Dr. Lopez joins Joe to discuss new debates on ivermectin and remdesivir.

Former President Trump gets indicted-Hour 1

Breaking News! Former President Trump has been indicted by a New York grand jury. Joe breaks it all down plus listener reaction.

More indictment talk-Hour 2

Breaking down the story about the New York grand jury indicting former President Trump...including Trump's reaction and more.

Banning gas stoves, could it really happen?-Hour 3

The story about banning gas stoves is back in the news again. Will it happen? PLUS...A pastor who left China who was persecuted so badly because of his religious beliefs.. he tells his story to Joe.

Interview with Jess Tapia

Joe speaks with the former teacher who was fired for being christian. They break down what happened and much more.

Ilhan Omar makes an interesting comment against Republicans-Hour 1

KJP, Biden and Ilhan Omar blame Republicans for the school gun violence while they’re all surrounded by good guys with guns.

Should teachers who are licensed gun owners be able to carry at school?-Hour 2

Joe breaks down the issue with drag shows in schools ruining our children PLUS interview with Judge Ted Poe