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Before They Call

Loving Mercy

Will those who do good things be saved? Or, will those who are good things? Dr. Dean Nadasdy says those who love Christ also love showing mercy to others.

Until that Day

No one knows when Christ will return. Until that day, we live in certain uncertainty.

Again and Again and Again

Hearing many stories only once is not as good as hearing the same story many times. Hear again God's story of love, grace, and forgiveness.

Times of Mourning, Times of Blessing

We will all go through times of mourning, but we don't all necessarily face it the same way.

What Are People Good For?

Our family and friends are with us in life but they can't shield us from life and all its uncertainty. Where will you find security?

Matching Pace

Hear about the Savior Who walks beside us, at our pace, and teaches us to walk with others.

Help the World Rejoice

A musical about a choir of nuns led by a lounge singer provides the setting for Dr. Michael Zeigler's message, based on Psalm 80.

Whatever and Wherever, Thank You, Lord!

"The Lord is my Shepherd..." That's how the 23rd Psalm begins. It goes on to describe the ways in which our Good Shepherd leads, comforts, and protects the sheep of His flock. Every line gives us a reason to be thankful.

The Way Through the Maze

When life becomes a bewildering maze, Jesus is our way through and our way out.